Vegas 2022

Vegas Workshop - Creative Constant Lighting

February 28th, 4PM - 5:45PM

Constant lighting is something I am passionate about because I can use it to make my images more cinematic, no matter what space I am shooting in or what available light there is in a space! Compared to flash, being able to visually see the light allows you to see what the final result is much faster as well. I think it makes it much easier to understand and encourages creativity. Coming from an editorial background, I've loved mixing the styles into lingerie and boudoir photography and I hope it inspires you too!

Class Purpose

The goal of the class is to give you creative power with light in the easiest way possible. You'll be able to either enhance what available light you're used to in your space, or transform it completely! 

This can be purposeful when you're trying to adjust the contrast of what is already there, add a little bit of spice to the scene, or create a new cinematic lighting setup all together to transform the space. I want to be able to show you how I do it in my work so you can be creative in yours! 

I personally love constant lights because you get to see the results right away and that really inspires creativity! I believe once you see how versatile these lights are in action, you'll be inspired to elevate your work in new ways. 

The lessons of the class can easily be applicable no matter what lights you use, or the source! You'll start to see opportunities for shoots everywhere once you grasp both hard and soft lighting and how it's used in shoots. 

We’ll create  a variety of lighting setups I personally use in my work to enhance the existing light in our beautiful location or transform it entirely by creating a mood that matches the vibe of our shoot.

Who is this for?

This is a class for beginners to advanced photographers who want to add a little bit of spice to their current setups!

Attendees will be able to not only watch me create the setups from scratch, but you'll also see the pros and cons of each, a variety ways they can be used in your work, and the ability to also shoot with our model!

To Book / Questions: 

Please e-mail and I'll be happy to have you!
We have just a few spaces left for this class. 


$250 (Either via PayPal, Credit Card, or Zelle) 
Refunds are not permitted but they may be sold to another student. 

Untitled photo

This workshop is proudly sponsored by friends the boudoir community, DreamBooks Pro! They're a fantastic album company that is both easy to use for photographers and our clients alike!

Work Sample

Here is a small sample of my work where I've used constant lights to either enhance the existing scene or to create an entirely new cinematic mood all together! We'll explore how just constant lights will be able to completely transform your space. That way you can continue to be versatile and not be limited by the lighting in your own space. 

To see more of my work, check out my Instagram at

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