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The body alone sings songs in its own language, and I want to write down the lyrics with my camera.

I've always been fascinated with fine art and sculptures. Going through museums and seeing marble torsos welcoming patrons around the world has always left me in awe. It really inspired me to do a series strictly focused on human form and all its beautiful angles. With this love of art, I wanted to mix fine art posing and classical composition to do a series that really embodies body language in its infinite form.

Having to capture pose in a regular photograph requires capturing expression, and that added element shifts focus and leaves the form as a secondary point. Allowing me to focus strictly on pose and shape while adjusting lightening specifically for the body yields these results. I want you to almost see the emotion painted across the body lines.

This will be a continual series and this is my pioneer set!


Lighting: Elinchrom (2 x ELC strobes). Modifiers are either bare bulb , white reflective umbrella or small snaplux  modifiers and a combination of them for my fill and main light.

Retouching and Composite: Myself. Skin tones fixed with Infinite Unify Panel
Colorist: Bella Kotak and myself.   

Color Tools: We use premium actions from The Color Lab andInfinite Color Panel
Digital Backdrops: Premium backdrops on The Color Lab.

Model and wardrobe credits are listed below each set of photos below.

See more of my work on Instagram at www.instagram.com/shotbypratik


If you would like to work together in the future for The Body Project, please fill out this form: LINK
I welcome all sexes, body types, and skin tones!


Model: Danielle Nicole
Studio: Neil Jou Studio
Wardrobe: DNS Wear "Dripped on Glory".

Muse and model: Julia of Shine On Boudoir
WardrobeShine On Lingerie

Model: Danielle Nicole
Studio: Neil Jou Studio
Wardrobe: DNS Wear "Dripped on Glory".

Model: Caroline

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