When I was shooting Julia of @shineonboudoir I saw her amazing shoe collection of Louboutin shoes and realized her love for them! The way she spoke of them and what they represented for her. Each person has different definitions of what a prized pair of shoes means. It evokes memories of times they bought it to moments they wore it to how they made them feel.  It inspired this idea to shoot them all but treat it like my Body Project to really capture what they mean to her!

Shoes are modern day art pieces and the fascination of fashion has led to designers making incredible designs. I wanted to extend my Body Project into focusing on different aspects, and shoes were the perfect accessory to complete the study!

Shoedoir is my vision on taking shoes and adding a little bit of spice by referencing boudoir poses with legs alone.

I love fashion and a good pair of shoes is something that inherently makes people feel a little sexier. So I wanted to add that personality into the shots!


Model: Julia of Shine On Boudoir
Shoes provided by Julia. 
Lighting: Two Elinchrom ELC 125 lights with a variety of modifiers. Primarily reflective umbrellas and standard reflectors with gels.
Retouching and Composite: Myself. Skin tones fixed with Infinite Unify Panel
Colorist: Bella Kotak using premium actions from The Color Lab and Infinite Color Panel
Digital Backdrops: Using the digital sky backdrops on The Color Lab

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If you would like to work together in the future for The Body Project, please fill out this form: LINK.
I welcome all sexes, body types, and skin tones!

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