Who are you? 

Hi! My name is Pratik and I've been in the photo industry for around 15 years. My most prominent role in the industry is as a professional editorial and commercial retoucher through my retouching agency Solstice Retouch .

I also founded a company developing Photoshop tools (Infinite Tools and Infinite Color) and also manage and nurture their respective communities on Facebook and Instagram.

My third career is as a Photoshop educator at The Retouching Series.

Why aren't you accepting collaboration requests OR taking any photography clients? 

With how busy these three careers are listed above, I use photography only as my creative outlet and hobby. An escape from every other photo related industry while still being creative! 

Because of which, I do not take on clients or am available for hire for anyone's needs. In the minimal time I have, I come up with projects that I want to shoot and reach out to creatives I want to work with, and that includes you!  

If you're interested in working together in the future fill out the form below so I can reach out when I have something you would be perfect for!

Can I still work with you? 

I am always looking for talent to collaborate with! I get a lot of requests, so I made a form you can fill out so that I can reflect on it when I am looking for people to work with!

You can find that here: LINK


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