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Anonymously Nude

About the Project

Since I started in this genre of work, I’ve met a lot of people who secretly told me that they truly wish they could be shot nude but because of how family and friends would respond, it just wasn’t possible. It made me sad because a motivating factor of my body project is realizing that as we grow older, we don’t have portraits of our bodies. We have plenty of selfies and portraits (if we’re even lucky to have good ones), but when we get to reflect in time, we may not have an account of how our bodies looked like.

I studied fine art my entire life and nudity is purely art and I want it to be seen as such. I thought of a perfect solution that would allow for people to take part in having their bodies portrayed and captured in a way that they’d be proud to look back on, while not having anyone know, thus releasing them from the societal fears that usually prevent people who want to be a part of fine art nude work.

 I hope through this project people’s perception can change, and people are able to express themselves in a safe environment and walk away with images they’ve proud of for years on end! The idea of Anonymously Nude was born!

After the Shoot (sharing the images)

1. After the shoot, I am expecting to deliver between 10 to 15 of the best images. Below is a reference to the style I’m looking to capture.

2. As this is my first shoot in the series, the purpose of it will be so I can share the images (anonymously!) and talk about the project.

* They will be shared uncensored on social platforms that allow it (Twitter, 500px, website).

* I will share the images censored on platforms that require it (Instagram).

3. The images will be shared with the faces cropped, similar to the examples below to maintain anonymity. On the face, I would like to crop right above the lips  for better framing of the images (if allowed). No name will be mentioned (unless you would like me to).

4. I would need  a standard model release form signed so that I may share the images.  You may find an example of that here: LINK

Imagery Example

These are just reference files from inspiration I had in mind. Feel free to save your own as well, I'd be happy to collaborate with your ideas. 

Even though these are censored, it is because I found them via Instagram. Please note I will be looking to share them uncensored.

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